POSITION OVERVIEW:Research and develop projects that explore and expand the philosophy of the Visible Futures Lab. Residency lasts 7 weeks, and there is an artist stipend.  Digital Fabrication, Electronics, and Work Shop tools are all accessible and should be explored during the course of the Residency.  Designated work space is provided.


  • Propose and develop a project that supports the mission of the Visible Futures Lab
  • Research and build project artifacts that express the project in visible and tangible form over the course of seven weeks
  • Lead weekly discussions, formal and informal, in line with the proposed project, corresponding research, or AiR general area of expertise
  • Host at least one Educational Workshop during the course of seven weeks, allowing students and visitors to participate in the spirit of the work and gain new skills
  • Host a gallery show at the end of the residency that presents work in a public forum


  • A thought leader in the field with a reputation for being a prolific maker in an original area of expertise
  • At least 3-5 years of applied work in the field in proposed area of interest
  • Proven ability to take ideas from concept to completion
  • Experience in teaching, speaking, and/or workshop leading and the demonstrated ability to explain concepts and methods related to projects
  • Self-directed and motivated work ethic
  • Body of work complimentary to the philosophy of the Visible Futures Lab
  • Ability to communicate complex concepts to students and outside interests
  • Completed proposal and letter of intent

To apply to the Visible Future Lab's Artist in Residence Program, please send the following information to visiblefutureslab [at] sva [dot] edu. Be sure to have Artist in Residence as the message subject.

-What will your goals be for your research at the VFL? How will working at the VFL help achieve them?

-What is the project that you intend to work on during your time at the VFL? Please provide a clear description and explain how it exemplifies the VFL's philosophy of purposeful and extensible art and design.

-Artists in Residence are required to host one workshop for interested students.  Please describe what your workshop might look like, how it benefits our graduate students, and how the workshop supports your research proposal.

-Please send links to your previous projects. We are curious to know what your past work looks like. While a CV is not required, you can include it as well, if you wish.

Frequently asked Questions:

1) Currently the Residency is only open to Artist that have legal status to work in the United States.
2) Travel Expenses, Housing and other expenses are the sole responsibility of the Artist.  A $2000.00 (U.S.) stipend is paid to the Artist over the course of the Residency.
3) 7 week Artist in Residency dates start the first week of September, November, February, and April of each year.  Please specify the month(s) that you would be available.

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