Products of Design students Manako Tamura, Carly Simmons, Alexia Cohen, Bernice Wong, Hannah Rudin, Gustave Ole Dyrhauge, Rhea Bhandari, Ellen Rose, Juho Lee, Smruti Adya, and Andrew Schlesinger helped out with the #KnowTheFlow campaign from non-profit organization Racket.  The campaign released this week on weracket.com. The VFL was able to provide equipment and space as the students designed floral bouquets out of feminine hygiene products, made all-gender restroom signs (laser cutter + UV printer), and embroidered original Flo2Do' logos (embroidery machine). The videos feature Broadway actors and actresses Margo Seibert, Drew Gehling, Phillippa Soo, and Celia Keenan-Bolger and are up on the Racket website as well as on their Instagram @we_racket. Check them out and learn more about how to care for the menstruators in your life!