Take Care

"Take Care originated as a project for Stefan Sagmeister's class. He prompted students to touch people's hearts with design, so naturally SVA MFA Design student Julia Marsh created a 24-foot long typographically sculpture and filled with with hundreds of boxes of Brandless™ tampons and panty liners to be given away for free. The goal? Simply to make complete strangers feel cared for. The event was such a success that the company decided to repeat the event, this time on International Women's day. 

Julia created giant plywood copies of the letters with great help from the VFL staff and shipped them to Massachusetts, Louisiana, New Hampshire and California. On March 8th,  4,000 boxes of Brandless™ tampons & panty liners (made with 100% organic cotton!) were given away across 4 college campuses. All leftover boxes were donated to local women’s shelters. Based the slew of positive feedback received from each of the college campuses, it seems Take Care will be a repeat event across the country."