The VFL 2018/19 Artists in Residents! Resident #3

The VFL is pleased to announce our Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 Artists in Residents line-up.   

Joining us AND 3rd Ethos Gallery in January and February is ChiKa.  ChiKa is an NYU’s Interactive Telecommunication Program and an Eyebeam Resident, a BRIC Media Art Fellow and a Metropolitan Museum Media Lab Researcher. She is selected to be a Triangle Art Association Workshop and Bronx Museum AIM program. 

The Lab is pleased to join forces with 3rd Ethos for this very special collaboration.  ChiKa will be showing her work from her VFL Residency at the 3rd Ethos Gallery in March.  Please join us for the opening!  More details to come...

Have a look at ChiKa's past work here.