Demos are on!

Back and Better than ever!

The VFL is back open with it's regular hours and kicking off the year with demos. If you are first year student, or a second year who wants a refresher, come by to one of our demos where we give quick tutorials demonstrating how you can use our powerful tools. 


We will be covering:

Laser Cutter:

The Laser Cutters can cut and etch on a variety of materials.  Common materials include acrylic sheet, paper, leather, cardboard, and more!

Vinyl Printer/Cutter:

This printer/cutter does high quality prints and cuts on vinyl, paper, magnetic sheet, static cling sheet, backlit film, canvas, and much, much more!  This machine can make posters, stickers, temporary decals, heat-transfer prints, etc...

UV Flatbed Printer:

This printer can print high resolution images onto thicker material, such as glass, fabric, metal sheet , plastic sheet, wood, and more.  This printer can also print onto rounded objects such as cups, glasses, water bottles, computer mice, and more.

Digital Embroidery Machine:

This equipment can stitch color or B/W image files onto fabric to make custom logos, clothes, patches, and more.

3D Printer:

Learn about ABS FDM Printers and our Objet UV Photo-resin Printers.  UV Photo-Resin can print in a variety of colors (including transparent) and shear values (Soft rubber-like material to hard plastic).

CNC Machine:

This equipment can cut and sculpt wood, plastics, foams, and more.

DiWire Wire Bender:

This machine can bend wires of various thickness from various materials using vector lines drawn in programs such as Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Rhino, and others.