Additional Laser Cutter Workshops, Saturday 11/17, 2 - 3PM

Shelly Ni will be conducting 1-2 workshops, half an hour each, as a primer on the laser cutter, on Saturday the 17th. The time slots are 2pm-2:30, 2:30-3. 6 people maximum per workshop to allow this to be as hands on as possible. The workshop will cover:

1. Safety 2. Creating a simple print file in Illustrator 3. Selecting Laser Cutting & Engraving settings. 4. Preparing & Selecting Material 5. Laser Cutting (Vector) 6. Laser Etching (Raster & Vector)

If you have specific files and/or material you would like cut please bring along, depending on time constraints there may be an opportunity to have this cut.

Please sign up here:


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