Announcing Hackett, VFL Artist in Residence



Want to learn how to surf the wave of the apocalypse in style? Do you wish you had the skills necessary to dismantle what other people throw away and build it back up into machines that might be useful, but will certainly be dangerous? Do you just like stuff that goes BOOM?! Join us at 7pm on Wednesday, November 30 to welcome our newest Artist in Residence, Chris Hackett (stay tuned for more details).

Hackett is an artist: (founder and Director of the Madagascar Institute), writer: Contributing Editor,( Popular Science Magazine), author of one of those books you see as an impulse item at hardware stores: and is occasionally on the teevee (and more recently: here). 

Hackett likes his coffee strong, his physics Newtonian, and is a firm believer in "Build it, then measure it". He will be sharing his considerable charms and talents with the VFL for the next seven weeks. He has not been arrested in over a year.

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