Announcing our new Artist in Residence: Conor Klein

We are proud to announce our new Artist in Residence, Conor Klein. "A typical page from my sketchbook (and I suspect many pages from other's sketchbooks) contains equal amounts of drawing and writing.  I've long been interested in the relationship between words and product/objects for some time..." Beginning March 11th, Conor will be examining the uses and possibilities of text in three-dimensional design.

On building objects which incorporate text, Conor says "I am very comfortable with traditional fabrication tools and machines but have not found a technique for properly incorporating text into my work.  The Lab's equipment would facilitate the creation of stencils, molds and other means for the application of text onto forms.  Text can also be 'written' by subtractive techniques, e.g., CNC routing, laser etching.  Conceivably, an entire piece could be constructed from three-dimensional text."

Over the course of seven weeks Conor will explore what text can do for an object, what it can say, what it cannot say, creating studies and models followed by finished pieces of art and design.

Conor Klein is a furniture and product designer based in Brooklyn, New York. His work can be found at