Arduino Workshop #1 Wrap-up


Last Saturday was the first of two Arduino Workshops in the VFL. Leif  Mangelsen lead the workshop covering:

  •  Getting setup in the Arduino environment
  •  Building a simple circuit
  •  Getting comfortable with the coding environment
  •  Digital input & Digital output
  •  Analog input & Analog output
  •  Sensors
  •  Trouble shooting
One of the things Leif mentioned was that "it's not necessary to know everything by heart, knowing where to look to learn is enough to get you on the right path." The reference page on the arduino website:  is a key resource.
This coming Saturday (12/8/12) will cover:
  •  DC motors, Steppers and Servos
  •  Transistors & Relays
  •  Serial communications
  •  Advanced programming
  •  Software interfacing (Processing/MaxMSP)
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