Artist in Residence Introductory Presentation - Friday March 21st, 2:00pm

Mari Kussman and Maddy Maxey will be introducing themselves, their work and their plans for their residency with the Visible Futures Lab. Join us as we meet the newest Artists in Residence of the VFL.

Friday March 21st, 2:00pm

Visible Futures Lab 132 West 21st Street, 7th Floor New York, NY 10011

Kussman and Maxey present their body of work and discuss their plans to further develop their 8 FOLD concept—a modular and indeterminate form garment—with an intensive study of material science and fabric weaving techniques. Special attention will be paid to understanding and incorporating magnetism and non-Newtonian magnetic liquids (ferro-fluids) into their research. By investigating textile development from a math and science perspective, they aim to explore options not previously considered for textiles.

The pair's continuing project, CRATED, focuses on changing consumerism through low-impact wearables and progressive manufacturing systems.

The Visible Futures Lab hosts a new artist in residence every seven weeks. Residents are selected from diverse fields, including industrial design, performing arts, robotics and conceptual arts. During their time at the lab, residents research and develop projects that explore and expand the philosophy of purposeful and extensible art and design. For more information about the Visible Futures Lab and its artist in residence program, visit