Bigger than bigger!


Boris and Max got their hands on the new iPhone 6...the Makerbot version! This blog post will help you walk through how to upload and work the controls of the MakerBot Replicator2 in the Digifab Room. Capture1

Open your file via the "Add" button on the top of the screen.

Capture2Once you've loaded it up, and the file looks how you hoped it would, proceed to the "Make" button. Capture6 Capture5 Capture4 Capture3

Above you will see a range of specifications from the temperature of the heating element, to the amount of inner structure within a 3D shape.  These details are all object specific and you'll need to use your judgement to perfect it! Hint: If you roll the mouse over each of the details, it will show you the purpose in lamest terms!


See here for some of the images for the new iPhone we printed using the settings above.

The raft was very important here, and surprisingly, a "faster" setting seemed to work with the temperature being on 230 degrees.

IMG_3789IMG_3803IMG_3801 IMG_3802IMG_3799 IMG_3800 IMG_3798 IMG_3793

Here you can see that the shape is mostly hollow except for some basic skeletal details for shape and durability. IMG_3797 IMG_3790 IMG_3795 IMG_3794 IMG_3796 IMG_3791IMG_3804Bigger than bigger!

Ask Max for the .stl file if you are interested in printing the iPhone6, or iPhone6 + on your own!