BKBioReactor at the VFL! Exhibit Opening and Talk


BKGropPhoto Join us at the Visible Futures Lab this Friday, September 30 at 7:00 pm for an opening exhibition and talk from Artists in Residence, BKBioReactor.

What *is* a bioreactor anyway? Can I build one? How can I use emerging (and traditional) design and fabrication skills to remediate pollutants and support a healthy microbiome? What is that black sludge doing in that jar over there? Answers to these questions AND MORE can be had at Friday's event.

The opening begins at 7:00 pm at the Visible Futures Lab, and is open to all: 132 West 21st street, 7th floor. Beer and wine will be served.

BK BioReactor is an investigation into the unseen microbiology of the Gowanus Canal, Brooklyn’s hippest Superfund. Utilizing the tools of biotechnology and design, the group’s mission is one of microbial discovery and a continued study for a designed future. Their current work explores ways that well designed structures and building materials might be employed to help remediate pollution and support biologically healthier waterways.


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