Cleaning the Printer/Cutter ink heads. Yay!


I learned how to clean the heads on the Roland VS300 Printer/Cutter today. This process is necessary on a weekly basis in order to keep prints clean and unblotchy. This is a before and after test print that shows how cleaning effects printing.



On the bottom of the left print you can see how there are lines missing in the metallic silver ink. On the right print, after cleaning, all the lines are there. Hooray for cleaning!

Here's how you do it:

After going through the correct menu settings found in the manual, remove the left cover



Get some special foam swabs and did one in the cleaning solution


and carefully clean the frame around (not on) the printer head


Then move to the right side of the machine and clean the frame around the ink pad


and then the wiper beside it. This can be done with a heavier hand to get all the gunk off.



Replace the covers and run your second test print. You should be good to print!

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