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When working in the VFL on Sunday I was asked a few times what the red LED on the Hakko soldering stations indicates. Most of you may know this already but I thought I would clarify just so there are no more concerns when it blinks, goes out, or is just stays lit. The LED indicates when the iron is currently heating up. When it reaches the set temperature, the light turns off. The station is a very simple machine that simply turns a circuit on until it is hot and then turns off. This is why you may see the light blink from time to time because the machine is just reaching the threshold of desired temperature and is turning itself on and off until it gets it just right. If the porridge is too hot or too cold, your solder will not sit right in the bowl.

Also, when using the iron it is good to slightly wet the sponge in the docking station otherwise you will just end up burning through the thing and not actually gain any help. I know the sink is like 10-15 feet away but the sponge and you will thank yourself for giving it a little bath. Happy soldering!


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