Conor Klein- Introductory Presentation This Friday, 2pm.

Conor Klein, the newest Artist in Residence at the Visible Futures Lab will be introducing himself, his work and his plans for the next seven weeks of his residency Friday, March  22nd at 2:00pm in the VFL.

Conor Klein is a designer and maker based in New York City.  He received a BFA in Furniture Design from the Rhode Island School of Design and now collaborates with designers and artists to create furniture, objects and installations.

As Artist in Residence at SVA's Visible Futures Lab, Conor will explore the role of text in three-dimensional design.

"Within a product, text commonly identifies the object or provides instruction, clarifying what it is and how to use it.  Words also create context independent from its function, associating an object with a location or an abstract idea.  Written words are on products to communicate something more, to say what cannot be said otherwise.  We have the tools to write anything, anywhere. What else can be said with design and text?"
Over the seven week residency, Conor will research, collect and document the written-designed world in hopes of better understanding how and why functional objects feature written language.  In conjunction he will develop a body of work examining the relationship between text and products.  Consisting of drawings, material investigations and finished objects, the work will explore conventional uses and new possibilities of words and form.
Please join us Friday in the VFL to welcome Conor Klein and get to know his work and his ambitions for his residency with the Visible Futures Lab.

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