Conor Klein's Telling Details Tomorrow 6pm

National Business Group and The Visible Futures Lab present: Telling Details

As a conclusion to his Residency at SVA's Visible Futures Lab, Conor Klein will present his research into the relationship between written word and the designed objects they appear on. This relationship is complex but crucial, with words often saying what cannot be said otherwise. Beyond clarifying what the object is and how to use it, language can imbue context, authenticity and value. Likewise, the reading of the words is affected by their physical manifestation. The combination of form and text can simplify but also complicate our experiences.

Along with his findings he will introduce a body of artifacts which further explores conventions and pushes the poetic possibilities of language and design. Through the careful merging of text and form, these objects speak about themselves, each other and their place in our lives. Encapsulating all of these points of view, the work is a mouthpiece for the artist's own voice, which considers the narrative of design and our interaction with the designed world.

Artist Presentation 6 PM Opening Reception 7-9 PM April 24th, 2013 Visible Futures Lab School of Visual Arts 132 W. 21st St. 7th Floor New York, NY 10011

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