Crafty Surprise


Michael Stone (MFA Design student) creates joy and happiness at the Visible Futures Lab. His assignment for Stefan Sagmeister's class “Can Design Touch Someone’s Heart” led him to design a gift for his roommate, a passionate music collector. This is how the idea of a wooden record holder got started. Michael wanted it to be a simple object that can be put together without the use of glue or nails. To give it a personal touch, he inscribed his roommate’s initials boldly on the covers.

Michael brought his design to the VFL and 5 hours later, with a lot of hard work and the help of Tak and Anne-Marie, the record holder was completed. Did this project touch the heart of his roommate? Click on the video below to see his reaction to this crafty surprise:

Michael's notes: Students who are interested in doing a project at the Visible Futures Lab should think each steps through carefully and share the ideas with the staff to discover all the possibilities.

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