Cutting with the Vinyl Cutter/Printer

G5mJF1v1biNPufsDRduEgXrsojZ30f9VG9Mfeu8m2-U   Today we got to help Mr. Cup from MFA Illustration use the Roland Vinyl Cutter and Printer to cut out some Red and Black Vinyl for an upcoming show he is presenting in the Gramercy Building. The first step is to have you files uploaded on the computer by the door. uasnoyO3xcXgTy8SmFqwl4kHN91R_2o5YU1QwQFv9os

Next open your files in  Illustrator and convert them to cut files. This is done by outlining your design and then removing the fill.  Once this is complete change the fill line color to magenta.


Next load the vinyl of you choice. Lift the lever on the front, secure the role of vinyl, line up the end of the vinyl, push the lever down and begin.



Bring up your file in  the Roland software program and add it to the cue.


Time to print!

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After your project has been cut you can then go in with an exacto blade and cut away the excess material.

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Clean up your trash and you are done!


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