D. Lobser & W. Liu: Artist in Residence Final Presentation- Wed, Oct 8, 5pm.


Wednesday October 8th 5:00pm // Artist in Residence Final Presentation David and Wyna








Join us as David Lobser, accompanied by Wyna Liu, presents work from their 7-week residency at the Visible Futures Lab.

During the course of their residency, David coded a unique set of tools using Javascript to generate parametric g-code for 3D printers, .sbp code for the CNC router, and .eps files for the laser cutters. These tools focus on elemental concepts of math and computer science to create space filling algorithms, spirals in particular. Wyna built upon these results by using the forms as physical building blocks to assemble tessellated constructions. The results are complex forms produced by the digital fabrication machines based on the numerical inputs from David's custom software.

David Lobser has over fifteen years of experience in the animation and visual effects industry. His directing work and short films have received international recognition. He taught animation at Parson's, Harvard and the Tech De Monterrey and is currently teaching a 3D printing class at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. He recently graduated from ITP where he focused on creative coding, specifically webgl. His thesis, "We Go Together" ties interactive animation, 3D prints, virtual reality and sound reactive projection works into a narrative about a migration of moths.

Wyna Liu is a mixed media sculptor and fabricator based in NYC. She received a Masters from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program in 2014. Her work combines digital fabrication techniques with fussy hand finishing processes. She is interested in modularity, mechanisms, and the lathe.

The Visible Futures Lab hosts a new artist in residence every seven weeks. Residents are selected from diverse fields, including industrial design, performing arts, robotics and conceptual arts. During their time at the Lab, residents research and develop projects that explore and expand the philosophy of purposeful and extensible art and design.