[EXPLORE] Introducing New Tools at VFL

Please welcome Vacuum Bag 568 to the VFL. We've a new toy/tool at the VFL! With the vacuum bag and pump we're able to bend and form materials to specific shapes. A great example is a bent-plywood skateboard, made by Willy Chan of PoD. Here's how it works. First you'll need to make a form of the desire contour in this case the profile is CNC MDF and glued together. Then thin sheets of bendable plywood were used and glued together. The bag in vacuum clamps down the layers onto the form. When the glue dries the plywood layers are glued together in that shape. DONE!

To use: This pump is a continuous run motor so keep it running until the glue sets, roughly 3-4hrs. This bag is 36"x48", make sure everything fits before you start gluing. Remember to round off any hard corners so to ease the bag of stretching and potential punctures. Place the platens base-board first then your form and material. More info on the manufacturer's site at www.vac-u-clamp.com.

The vacuum pump inside the protective box.

IMG_9122-Sm1000 IMG_9129-SM1000

In Progress, ToolsTak Cheung