Forstner Bit Tip


Putting holes in things is one of more common practices used by students at the VFL. Today's tip is about using the Forstner bits, which allows for the drilling of precise, flat bottom holes in wood, regardless of grain direction. An issues that you may run into is where wood being removed jams up in the cutting edge of the bit.

Wood chips jamming up the cutting edge

When this happens cutting will cease and forcing the handle down results in the burning and smoking of the piece being worked on. Just take a pen, pencil, or any material softer than metal to prevent dinging and chipping of the bit, and clear away any debris.


Every now and then check it for more build up.

As a bonus tip, any time you are drilling a hole in wood, and you plan on doing straight through put a scrap piece of wood under your piece to prevent blowout (where the back of your material literally looks like it exploded outward), and to protect the bits and the table of the drill press.



Example of  tiny, tiny case of blowout.. Trust me it gets ugly.



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