Genevieve Hoffman: Our next Artist in Residence.

We are happy to announce that Genevieve Hoffman is our summer Artist in Residence. During her residency at the Visible Futures Lab, Genevieve will be working on a series of sculptures and virtual environments that encourages a spatial experience of our financial system. Using 3d modeling and animation software, she will build out imagined environments that invite the viewer to experience the behavior of stock markets as a generative terrain. She's motivated to physicalize financial datasets, in an effort to experience them more concretely as the values they reflect grow more removed from real-world assets and resources. She will also develop a series of two-dimensional prints that confront the impact that the financial system has on the environment, and its propensity to value short term profits over longer term well-being. In addition to using the resources at the VFL, she's looking forward to sparking conversations about her research in algorithmic trading and the role that technology plays in the modern financial system.

Genevieve is an artist and designer working at the intersections of research, data, science, sustainability and design. Using digital software and traditional materials, she works at rendering complex systems in tangible forms. Technology is an underpinning in all of her work, as both a medium and subject of inquiry. She is especially concerned with the planned obsolescence built into the disposable culture of our digital era, as well as the relationship between technology and the natural resources that make it possible. Recently, she has been exploring non-monetary currencies, the forces and interrelated systems of the global economy, as well as the infrastructure that makes it run.

She has exhibited at galleries and festivals including: 3LD Art and Technology Center (NY), 319 Scholes (NY), Intersection for the Arts (CA), Urban Prototyping (CA), Athens Slingshot (GA), University of Buffalo (NY), and the New York Hall of Science (NY). Her work has appeared in publications such as Good Magazine, The Atlantic, Architizer and Gizmodo, and she has spoken at various universities, including the Rhode Island School of Design, University of Georgia, and SUNY Stonybrook. Genevieve graduated from Brown University with a BA in Visuals Arts, and a concentration in New Media. She is the recipient of a Creative Arts Council grant from Brown University and a Tisch School of the Arts Graduate Fellowship. After receiving her Master’s degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU, she began a research residency with the program last fall. For more information, please visit