In honor of NYFW here's our trend forecast..

This year for fashion week we saw some bold fashion attempts. Some were hits and will surely be seen around the VFL this year, while others were a little too risky. foto 2 (1)

Eyewear and hats are going to be big this fall.  Clear is the new black!

foto 2


This look is a little too relaxed and easily goes from haute to hazardous.  Tight shirts and tight buns will be all the rage this year.


A heavy jacket mixed with a spray mask makes for a great everyday VFL look.  Chic!

foto 4

While I am all for layering, this look took too many risks.  Long pendants, flowy cardigans, birks, and long hair are not going to be seen in the VFL this year.  Cheetah however will always be in.

foto 3 (1)

Simple closed toed black shoes go with everything.  A must have for anyone who wants to be seen in the VFL.

foto 1 (1)


These open-toed flats fall flat when it come to VFL safety and style.

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