Introducing Artist in Residence: Chelsea Pegram


CPegram_02 (1) Please join us at 7pm on Thursday, March 16 to welcome incoming Artist in Residence, Chelsea Pegram.

Chelsea Pegram uses sculpture, installation and printed media to explore the subject of transformation as it reflects shifting notions of agency, intention, and embodiment. On Thursday she will give an brief introduction to her work and her plans for her residency at the Visible Futures Lab. All are welcome!

In her own words:

This crucial transition point where materials and objects hover between abstraction and definition is where my work operates. I am constantly trying to reset our perception of the process of applying associations and functions to objects in the world to allow for just the experience of that process to be a subject, to allow that imaginative observation to be strengthened and owned. Ultimately, my work is a playful handling of creative intentions looking at the impetus behind how we effect and design our immediate world.