Laser Beam Clean


Ever wonder how all that brown and black gunk disappears from every corner and crevice of the two laser machines? Well, I do cause its all over my hands right now. Let me take you on a quick journey of how to clean the lasers... Start by vacuuming all the lose bits out of the bottom of the machine




Then give whole interior of the machine a good rub down with the vinegar solution from the shop.


IMG_5386 IMG_5388



Unscrew the cover of the belt drive gantry

IMG_5392 IMG_5393



and use the super special LAZRCLEAN solution to clean the clear coding strip that runs along the entire gantry.


IMG_5394 IMG_5397



Yuk!!! Look how dirty it was!




Then use the same technique to clean the bottom and top of the lens

IMG_5401 IMG_5403



and the mirror inside the machine.



Replace the cover and hoooraaay! You have cleaned the laser

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