Three Laser Cutting Workshops this Friday 11am-2:30pm

Richard Clarkson will be conducting 3 workshops, half an hour each, as a primer on the laser cutter. The time slots are 11am-11:30, 1pm-1:30, 2pm-2:30. 6 people maximum per workshop to allow this to be as hands on as possible. The workshop will cover:

1. Safety 2. Creating a simple print file in Illustrator 3. Selecting Laser Cutting & Engraving settings. 4. Preparing & Selecting Material 5. Laser Cutting (Vector) 6. Laser Etching (Raster & Vector)

If you have specific files and/or material you would like cut please bring along, depending on time constraints there may be an opportunity to have this cut.

Please sign up here:

We will also be streaming the workshops for those of you who cannot attend, or if the workshops fill up. View them here on FridayThe stream will also be accessible after the fact. We will post them here.

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