Loading Paper into the Roland Printer/Cutter


Did you know that you can print on paper, vinyl, and canvas on that big Roland machine in the corner of the VFL!? Well, you can. Always ask for assistance in swapping out the material but here is a quick tutorial on how to do so: First release whatever material is in the machine by unlocking the rollers which are released by pulling up this lever.

IMG_5587  IMG_5588


Remove the material from the back and insert your new roll of material onto the rollers. Make sure it is pushed on tight...



IMG_5589 IMG_5591

... on both sides!                                                                       Yay! your material is on




IMG_5592 IMG_5593

Tighten the knobs on the bottom of the rollers to lock them in place and...






slide the material through to the front of the machine.







Line the material up so that it covers half of the holes on both side of the front of the machine and...


...lock the rollers back down again.






Yay! You have put a new material into the Roland Printer/Cutter! Print on, printers!


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