[LOOK] recently made at the VFL


Some of you might have noticed the plexi cubes sitting on the desk in the back of the VFL for the past couple of weeks and wondered what it was. I thought I would provide an explanation. As part of an assignment for physical computing in the Interaction Design program Sam Carmichael and I used two infrared sensors to create a digital instrument.

Video: Interactive DJ Booth



We fabricated the boxes using sanded opaque acrylic and embedded them in a black base that would allow us to reposition the blocks depending on the effect we wanted without changing the lighting in the base. We laser cut all of the acrylic and and used the SciGrip Acrylics adhesive to assemble them. This is a very strong and virtually invisible adhesive when used right. (found in the glue and tape cabinet) Through capillary action, the liquid will spread quickly between acrylic parts and adhere very quickly.

For the base we used something called Chem Metal that was cut on the table saw and adhered into a grove created by the laser.


We are continuing to work on the project so look out for the live performance at the end of the semester!



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