The Power of the Roland


An incredible machine/robot needs maintenance!  Every week we clean the Roland printer.  There is an amazing amount of different ways to use the machine but here, I wanted to show the cleaning process for the metallic cartridges.  With the metallic cartridges you can print with a layering to include color, or just the metallic ink, for example, stickers for the VFL! Here are some images of the cleaning process!

Photo Feb 02, 11 40 32 AM Photo Feb 02, 11 40 23 AM Photo Feb 02, 11 40 22 AM Photo Feb 02, 11 40 13 AM


Here you can see the before and after of the cleaning process:



Photo Feb 02, 12 56 35 PM


These lines represent the accuracy of the ink and whether it's clogged or not.

Photo Feb 02, 12 56 12 PM

After a manual cleaning and running of normal automatic cleaning afterwards, we are in good shape!  Here's the final test print!

Feel free to pop in a grab some sticker if you want!

Photo Feb 02, 12 56 28 PM


Thanks for checking in!


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