How to remove solder using a "solder sucker"


Solder is messy, that's just a quality of the material. If you find yourself needing to remove spare solder (or the entire connection in general) follow the few steps below: 1. Gather all materials - you will need a soldering iron, solder sucker, soldering clamp, and the piece you want desoldered.

IMG_2815.JPG IMG_2816.JPG

2. Begin by heating your soldering iron and preparing your solder sucker. Cock the device as shown below:


3. Clamp the piece you wish to have desoldered into a soldering clamp. You'll need both hands in order to remove the solder.


3. Carefully heat up the solder you wish to have removed. Once the solder is in a liquid state, place the tip of the solder sucker at the connection and press the trigger.


4. The solder, if done correctly, will be sucked up. Repeat from step 3 if there is spare solder or if the connection still exists.