Residency launch (plus cookies)


emiliePresents On October 4, Emilie Baltz and I kicked off our 14-week joint residency with the VFL. We are very excited to combine our areas of passion and expertise–mine is electronics and data, and hers is food and the senses–to create new experiences.

For our residency, we have proposed an exploration around the "Z-space" or what we describe as the route from hand to mouth. So much of traditional food experience takes place on the flat X-Y plane that makes up the horizontal food presentation surface. What can we do to explore this third dimension? And how can we use new methods of food creation and service to exploit this part of the food experience? We led in to these questions by first delving in to the past and explaining the paths that have led to the creative practices we have today.

Our presentation culminated in a creative exercise which we asked our audience at the VFL to take on. Each person was given a chocolate chip cookie and asked to come up with a new way to experience eating it. In just a few minutes, people broke into groups and emerges with a wide variety of solutions including the following:

  • Blindfolded eating experiences
  • Contraption to suspend cookies from a bar, like a swing
  • Cookie blended milkshake
  • Methods for enjoying the cookie scent
  • Spinning cookie delivery system
  • Group cookie consuming hug
  • Way to simultaneously heat (melted chocolate) and cool (the other parts) the cookie
  • Methods for pulverized cookie making and eating

cookieblindfold cookieswingcookiesniffcookiespin cookiethermodynamicscookiehug


We loved the energy in the room as well as the creative thinking that emerged and realized that activities such as these will have to become a part of our residency work on a regular basis, so we look forward to planning the next one soon.