Sign Up For Equipment Demos! Sept 9-16


IMG_20160823_133103 If you've been thinking about ways to level-up your fabrication skills, now is your chance! Sign up to see our shop and digital fabrication tools in action, and talk to the Visible Futures Lab staff about ways that our resources can support your work.

Sign up to see demonstrations of our Laser Cutter, 3D Printers, Embroidery Machine, Vinyl Printer / Cutter, or get an intro to shop basics by signing up HERE, or check out the lab access calendarfor a full view of the schedule.

Friday 9/9 @ Noon: Laser Cutter Demonstration w/ Bronwen Friday 9/9 @ 4pm: 3D Printer Demonstration w/ John Saturday 9/10 @ 12:30pm: Wood Shop Basics Demonstration w/ Tak Saturday 9/10 @ 4pm: Embroidery Machine Demonstration w/ Anne-Marie Sunday 9/11 @ 1pm: Roland Vinyl Printer/Cutter Demonstration w/ Anne-Marie Monday 9/12 @ 1pm: Roland Vinyl Printer/Cutter w/ Bronwen Tuesday 9/13 @ 1pm: 3D Printer Demonstration w/ John Tuesday 9/13 @ 4pm: Laser Cutter Demonstration w/ John Wednesday 9/14 @ Noon: Wood Shop Basics w/ Bronwen Wedensday 9/14 @ 5:30pm: Embroidery Demonstration w/ Tak Thursday 9/15 @ 11am: Demo: Laser Cutter Demonstration w/ Bronwen Friday 9/16 @ 1pm: Demo: Roland Vinyl Printer/Cutter w/ John Friday 9/16 @ 5:30pm: Demo: Wood Shop Basics w/ Tak

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