Using / Recycling Excess Lasercutting Material


You spend a lot of money of materials—why not get the most out of them? Why not pull scraps from the material pile? A huge deterrent could be the oddly shaped or overused pieces.  


1. Put the objects in your .AI file as closely together as possible, without overlapping the route of the laser.

2. Create a path using the pen tool, hold shift to keep right angles.

3. Outline the work you wish to have lasercut, the rest will be saved for scraps.


4. Make sure your cut lines are at .001 and proceed to cutting the excess material.


5. Place excess material in scrap bin.




1. Find a piece that is, more or less, a rectangle or square.


2. Start by measuring the full shape, longest width and longest height. This example is 7 x 12 in.

IMG_2951 IMG_2950

3. Identify the missing boxes, and measure them. This example is 5.5

IMG_2953 IMG_2952

4. Set up an Illustrator document with an artboard corresponding to the measurements found in step one. Add boxes according to the dimensions of the pieces missing from your material. Fit them into place. Your printable area is the open white space, shown below.