Vinyl Adhesive with the MFA Design Gals!


Today we worked with a couple ladies from the MFA Design today on some Vinyl Adhesive Sign concepts. Here are some great shots of us using the adhesive transfer tape and applying the vinyl adhesive printed letters to the clear acrylic.


Photo Nov 10, 1 15 35 PM (1)Photo Nov 10, 1 15 30 PM











First, you want to put the words down with the duck tape holding it all to the table.

Photo Nov 10, 1 15 35 PM Photo Nov 10, 1 16 26 PM


Once you have applied the sticker to the adhesive backing lay down your design to the acryclic surface. Photo Nov 10, 1 17 06 PM

And voila!


Applying to the Acrylic evenly!


Final Peel!





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