Wednesday, Sept 8 5pm: David Lobser with Wyna Liu, AiR Presentation


The Visible Futures Lab is proud to announce our latest artists in residence: David Lobser, joined by Wyna Liu. Over the course of residence, they will continue work on David's project entitled 'We Go Together'. The work uses the image of the moth's attraction to light as a center from which to explore ideas about hive minds, ecstatic experiences, love and obsession.

David writes:


As social creatures our choices and lives are very much determined by those around us and the facts of our biology.  There are moths which flutter through the night without stopping at the myriad points of light which may attract them.  There are moths which swirl around these lights but never approach too closely.  Then there are the moths which cast themselves directly into the center, burning themselves at the edges of the possibilities of their existence, and perhaps serving as a guidepost for their brothers and sisters.

The residency will provide the time, space and equipment to construct artifacts from an alternate universe.  It may be that humans have disappeared, allowing nature and human technology to merge together.  It may be that telephone pole/moth hybrids are a new form of Cthonic god with dark and subtle methods of communication.  It may also be that after a long absence we have returned to discover that alternate intelligences have reshaped the world, leaving us to speculate as to the purpose and intent of their constructions.
Please join us Wednesday, September 8th from 5-6pm as David and Wyna introduce themselves and speak about their plans for their time here.


David Lobser's We Go Together

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