Workshop with Melissa Clarke


MFClarke_WorkshopPoster It’s best if students have a research focus and data sets chosen before the workshop. In the first workshop we will brainstorm possible forms to express your content and work towards and execution plan. This includes: planning ways to systematize and make your data sets more manageable, focus on work flow and best production techniques. In the second workshop we will focus on fabrication and creating the work, either with the tools available in the shop or with things you bring in. Performance and installation may be realized in proof of concept sketches with small one-off pieces that support the concept. Other projects may result in three dimensional models, printed matter, sonic material and other materializations of what may seem intangible.

In this workshop we will take a set of data or researched information and plan a physical output. We will discuss which software, hardware and fabrication techniques, as well as the materials and forms that express your concept.

This workshop is full. Please stay tuned for future workshops at the VFL!